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Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Big Sky Park Adventures is a suite of minigames that seeks to match that appeal by allowing the player to interact with wildlife, tackle the terrain in the iconic Chipper, and capture the whole experience on film.

Ranger Wrangler

Herds of animals are trying to travel across the park to different destinations, but in their way stands a vast environment filled with obstacles, difficult terrain, and potential predators. It’s up to Rob to guide each critter safely on their way.

Chipper Challenge

After hearing his dad boast about how he’d seen every inch of Big Sky Park before his 9th birthday, Ranger Rob sets out to best his record. With a little help from his trusty ATV, Chipper, Rob races through the wild and varying terrain of the park, logging as many kilometers as possible.

Ranger Rail Ride

Ranger Rob knows Big Sky Park like the back of his hand - who better to capture photos for a new campaign to bring more visitors into the park? Aboard the park’s monorail, he sets out to document as many wondrous sights as he can.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Relish Interactive Inc. ,Nelvana Digital

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