Outlaws of the Marsh - Revisited V - DM


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2019

Similar to the previous seasons of “Outlaws of the Marsh Revisited”, Season 5 is also a time-travel drama with light comedy effects. The story still takes place in Canada, the Red Dynasty (i.e. communist China) and the marshland of Mount Liang 900 years ago.

The story of Season 5 uses the sacking of Sun Zhengcai, a former CCP high-ranking official, in July 2017 as its background, revealing the deep inside stories of the infight between the factions of Jiang Zemin and Xi Jinping, after the latter came to power. And the deadlock of their struggles is tied to the issue of Falun Gong. In order to avoid punishment for spilling the blood of the persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, Jiang’s faction attacks Xi Jingping in retaliation with all of its strength. Its conspiracy permeates the areas of economy, diplomacy and public opinion. And it’s even prepared to launch nuclear war. However, Sun Zhengcai’s arrest is equivalent to directly cutting off Jiang faction’s route of retreat on the political arena.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: New Realm Studios Inc.

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