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English, French

Region: Quebec

Mirador is a video game where players embody cute anthropomorphic animal characters from a medieval culture who find themselves caught up in a dark futuristic world. Players must team up to explore the new world and collect the resources they need to defend their headquarters in a castle that has fallen into ruins.

The resources they collect can be used to create guardians for their citadel, but the guardians in question can also be found in the environments the players explore. This creates an asymmetrical two-stage competitive experience that accentuates the contrast inherent in the artistic direction of the world of Mirador.

This three-dimensional exploration and creation game combines real-time role-playing and dungeon crawling in a rogue-like game loop with hack and slash battles. The game can be played in single or multiplayer mode in a spirit of cooperation and targets a wide audience with the full mix of genres it offers. The goals of the game are simple and infinitely re-playable: at first, players must explore worlds to find and accumulate pieces of armor resembling body parts, skill cards, or even gems with special powers. As a function of what they manage to find, players are guided to create powerful opponents (bosses) by assembling components and elements gathered on their missions and then customizing them using skill cards and gems. Ultimately, the goal is to take down the bosses, in solo mode, or as a team in cooperative multiplayer mode. These opponents will have been created by other Mirador players using the game’s creation mode, completing the invention loop in the battles against the bosses.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Studio Sauropode Inc.