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Region: Western

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 5:25

MINEES SANDWICH COOKIES are apparently popular in the USA and they are made in India by a company called BAKEWELL BISCUITS. These cookies are sold 10 tubes for 1 dollar !!! The flavours I got are Orange Cream, Strawberry Cream, Banana Cream, Vanilla Cream with chocolate biscuits and Vanilla Cream with vanilla biscuits. 

Orange Cream with vanilla biscuits : Small thin cookie. Smells a lot of orange !! Lovely scent. Crispy lite cookies. The orange zest flavour of the cream is very good and not too overpowering. The sweetness level isn’t too high. 

Vanilla Cream with chocolate biscuits : Cocoa flavoured biscuits and a very tasty vanilla flavoured cream. 

Vanilla Cream with vanilla biscuits :  Lite crunchy cookie with a very good vanilla flavoured cream. 

Strawberry Cream with vanilla biscuits : Has a good strawberry scent. Tastes like strawberry NESQUIK cream with vanilla cookies 

Banana Cream with chocolate biscuits : A very nice candy banana flavoured cream paired with their tasty chocolate biscuits. Its slightly more sweet than the other flavours.


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