Mémoires vives V - MN


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Six months have gone by and Claire returns from a humanitarian mission in Dakar, happy to be back at home. Still incarcerated, Christian has grown much closer to Ariane who visits him every week. Will his love be something Claire can count on when she sees him next? Alex and Lyne remain in a state of deep mourning after the departure of their son Christophe. Andrée has decided to keep her baby, and is now in the homestretch of her pregnancy. Will she be able to give birth without too many complications?

Dupuis directs the investigation into the disappearance of Judith Laramée. They find a burnt-out car in the woods. Is it the car she went missing in? Formally accused of complicity in the abduction and kidnapping of little Olivia, Jérémie avails himself of the services of Ludovic D’Auteuil, a top lawyer from a renowned law firm. Claire meets with D’Auteuil and is stunned to learn that he was sent by Bobby Lambert-Prescott. Jean-François is being brought to justice. His three children and Samantha hope he won’t have to go to prison.

Laurie becomes more confident and independent, but also more demanding with Gilles. Not always obvious in the life of a couple, especially since Laurie continues to hide serious consequences of her past. Mathilde and Félix grow apart after his relapse. Bruce is there for Mathilde, as he tries to summon up the courage to tell her about his relationship with her niece, Marie-Lune...Flavie and Bruno are now living in their new home in L’Azur, and following a very touch-and-go fertility program, while Nicolas is shocked to see Colette’s influence on his daughter Karine assume disturbing proportions.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Sphère Média 2011 inc.

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