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Maya en Regina


Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Duration: 60 minutes

This Digital Media Component Maya en Regina, will take users on a journey across Saskatchewan and Guatemala in order to connect the dots and understand the semblance between indigenous beliefs of many immigrants and the Canadian First Nations people. This is an exploration and a unique window to the rich culture and beliefs of Hispanic Canadians and that takes place within the Latin American community.

Access and view expanded online content and extra “bonus” footage not included in finished TV program, including expanded interview segments with the key personalities featured in the TV program and as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the production not included in the TV program.

Participate fully in a social media experience designed to establish a forum for their own reactions, opinions and observations to the television documentary (moderated by Telelatino Network Inc.), comment on personalities and themes expressed therein, and provide feedback and suggestions leading to further engagement.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: TLN Telelatino Network Inc.

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