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Lucidité 55


The Lucidité 55 website is designed to carry on the discussion launched in the three-part documentary seen on television. It’s an invitation to start thinking about retirement more clearly, and with a more optimistic outlook in the light of personal experiences told by retirees who have found lots of ways to be happy.

The Lucidité 55 documentary trilogy portrays the crisis in our retirement system, as seen from the viewpoint of the majority now facing it, the experts who have studied it and the creative team in Toronto who originated Freedom 55, the renowned 1980s advertising campaign that’s credited with changing the hopes and desires of millions of Canadians.

Today those hopes have turned to disappointment, and the dream that the campaign promoted – a radiant, sunny retirement in a climate of abundance – now seems a mere mirage. The documentary series attacks the major questions that this realization raises, and approaches the problems of retirement head on. Realistic profiles, explorations of facts and figures to help viewers understand the issues, input by experts and people’s personal accounts are all essential aspects of the trilogy.

The subject matter, however, is anything but cheerful. The crisis in the retirement system is very real, and it’s a source of anxiety and worry for a large number of Canadians, whether still working or early retirees.

The online component of the documentary series takes a lighter approach and tries to inject a bit of humour in its approach to this very real social problem. Because, though we can’t deny the problem, some solutions do exist and it may be worthwhile looking at it all from another point of view. We’re betting that a certain amount of humour will allow visitors to the site to stand back and take a more distanced, objective view of the topic, and perhaps even help them to approach their retirement from fresh angles or think about new, more creative solutions for confronting it, both individually and as a society. Maybe we don’t need to be all that rich to be happy…

Simple, effective and elegant, this interactive part of the documentary series meets the needs of its target audience (adults between 40 and 65), while providing genuine added value in an enjoyable, informative way.

The website for the documentary trilogy becomes an indispensable complement to the series. Its range of original content relating to the three documentaries includes the following sections:

  • The documentary series
  • An interactive questionnaire: What kind of retiree will you be?
  • A practical guide: Retirement calculators – how to find your way there?


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