Les Appendices VIII - L’App/endice

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This iOS and Android app lets you stay in touch with what’s going on in Les Appendices on a daily basis. Designed for smartphones and tablets, the L’App/endice app generates skits and previews from the show to provide a personalized content consumption experience. Users can generate skits from Les Appendices 365 days a year based on particular circumstances of the day and pre-set personal preferences. You can explore a bank of some 1,000 skits using one of three search modes, and save all your favourite skits in one location. L’App/endice provides users with previews a full 24 hours before each weekly episode is broadcast, as well as a series of original skits, including eight produced exclusively for the app. The videos are shareable on social media, and a promotional video is shot with characters from Les Appendices.


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