Le code (MN)


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2019

Duration: 10 x 3 minutes (capsules) et 6 x 15 minutes (podcast)

The video clips are presented in a very accessible format—sometimes humorous, sometimes more serious—to explain concepts related to racism that are continually in the news but not really understood by most people.

The Le Déclic podcast produced by the NOOR MTL Collective provides statements from leading racialized players. The idea to hear what these people have to say in a calm atmosphere, where the tone is conducive to keeping things confidential and in a safe space to share their experience. It’s an opportunity to meet people whose stories echo the themes covered in the documentary. The starting point for discussions is when the racialized person in question becomes aware that they are in fact considered racialized by the majority of people where they live. Their stories are what make the podcasts so powerful.  The intimate, close-up format makes it feel like they’re having one-on-one conversations with each listener.

Each episode takes us into a unique situation, where the words of an inspiring person with a powerful story touch us deeply.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: 9249-7189 Québec Inc. (Picbois Productions)

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