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L'Appart du 5e V - MN


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

 Upgraded for the fifth and final season, the Appart du 5e website continues to act as a virtual lobby for fans of the TV series, where they can see how the characters deal with the trials and tribulations they face, the many ups and downs of life as a roommate, or maybe just because of the moods they’re in at the time...just like looking into their apartment through the peephole. You can observe from your privileged vantage point the new key moments, always linked to past episodes of the series. These special moments are captured as exclusive photos, text, text on image, or GIFs. Updated content is posted once a week as each new episode goes on air. Since this will be the last season, the online content will have a significant influence as well as being a record of what happened in the series. This segment of the site goes online in June, and will signal the return of regular content in an environment similar to Season 4.


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