La théorie du KO II - MN


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The digital component of La théorie du K.O. includes a webseries with 7 capsules of 2 minutes each. At the heart of the series is a world that offers a glimpse into what is behind the show – the office where the main character, Carl Hébert, works. By day, he works in a beige and depressing office, but what could be more fascinating!

Each online capsule features Carl struggling in his office cubicle, trying to get out of uneasy situations, situations always caused either by his office colleagues, by the boss, Liette, or by Jean-Jacques, the eager beaver.As a spin-off, the webseries is an extension of the television broadcast. Users can also view 3 capsules of about 90 seconds each featuring bloopers from the television series and webseries, posted online as part of the digital component.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Cinémaginaire télévision inc

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