Future Legends App

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Region: Ontario and Nunavut

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 60 minutes

The app will complement the TV show. In a young and hip tone the app will have video profiles of some of the top teen athletes showcasing their skills, talent, stats and their personal sides. We will search a myriad of sports across the country to find Canada’s best.

Each 3 min video will be made up of an interview, highlights and stats mixed with cool animation, graphics and training tips. Think of it as a digital trading card come to life. And it all comes from the athlete themselves, teen to teen.

The app will provide teens with a deeper look into the lives of Canadian teen athletes, merging their love of sports and fantasy sports while feeding their appetite for new teen athletes and stars. The selection process may take place province by province, multiple locations in larger provinces, and or video submissions.

9 male/female athletes will be selected from a pool of applicants from various high schools.  The selections will be made of whom to showcase by our executive producer by means of interviews, after culling through applications and choosing the most promising. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Future Legends App Inc.

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