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English, French

Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Duration: 45 minutes

An augmented reality and mixed reality app for smartphones that confronts users with their own notions about the other, the enemy, and empathy.

Ennemi is where eight fighters who are on different side of the trenches in four global conflicts meet and share their fears, their hopes, and their situations with Karim Ben Khelifa, internationally recognized war photographer.

Dpt. and the NFB joined forces to co-produce this unique augmented reality/mixed mobile app and website, in partnership with French producers of immersive installation, Camera Lucida and France Télévision. The prototype of the interactive installation, unveiled for the first time at the latest Tribeca Festival, has attracted media and public attention from around the world, and has shown how far realism and the power of meetings with the photographer can go. The mobile Ennemi app, which democratizes the project by spreading it to the four corners of the Earth, continues to work in this fashion as it lays the foundation for the future of the documentary and photography.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Departement Studio Créatif Inc.

Coproduction Partner(s): Office National du Film, Camera Lucida

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