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Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2018

Duration: 1 an

The official website of the series is optimized for mobile and provides fans with a wealth of original content produced specifically for online consumption, including two webseries, behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive photos, and entertaining psycho tests.

Social media: the official accounts for the series (Facebook, Instagram) promote the television show and the digital component, in addition to facilitating conversations with the public. The strategy of the official Instagram account is to continually feed fans with content created especially for them by a dedicated team on the set.

Target audience

Presented on the Vrak channel, Clash is produced to be a meeting place for parents, young adults, and teenagers alike. But anyone from 7 to 77 years is sure to enjoy the weekly meetings with the regular gang of four. The demographic specifically targeted by the series includes teenagers and young adults 15 to 25, skewed slightly more to female than male viewers.

The digital component is aimed primarily at a similar target, that is those who regularly tune in to the show.

Objectives of the digital component

The Clash project has four objectives designed to meet the needs of its target audience:

Encourage public engagement with the show and its characters through an array of exclusive content, from fiction to behind the scenes.

Featuring 10 short clips (2 to 3 minutes each) from Season 1, the first Clash webseries made it easy for fans to get to know the five characters in the show better by understanding the prep work the actors go through to get in character, and seeing how the director and the experts brought in for support helped them achieve the right artistic approach to their roles. The Season 2 webseries picks up on the challenges David Levac faces in the series. In six 3-minute clips filmed on a smartphone fans will experience the challenges David demands his entourage to undertake through his eyes to better appreciate the situation.

A dedicated digital team (Team B) was deployed to gather a wealth of exclusive behind-the-scenes content presented in the Extras section. Assured of a continual presence on the set, Team B is witness to all the highlights and is able to capture them in the heat of the moment for viewers to enjoy. Team B also ensures the production of content to feed the official Instagram and Facebook accounts for the series, and more than 20 behind-the-scenes video clips. The clips include 10 interviews with the actors at high points different times of the shoot (Day 1, Christmas with the Brodeurs, gossip, and the last day of filming, among others). A number of fashion clips were also were produced in collaboration with the series stylist and featuring the actors from the series.

In addition to Team B, the main actors in the series were given carte blanche to produce content using the production smartphone so they could share special moments with fans. It’s another great way to build even stronger connections between the audience and the series. These clips will be posted on the Instagram account as episodes are broadcast.

Finally, a total of four psycho tests will be put online for the first two seasons. The questions in the tests will help users learn more about specific themes in the series.

Increasing visibility opportunities for the Clash brand

The digital component provides fans with all the tools they need to become proud ambassadors of the brand, thanks to easy-sharing icons on most content on the site and on social media. The Clash Instagram account promotes repeated visits and effectively reaches the target audience. The online offering is mainly short video clips, a format highly valued by the target audience and with excellent potential for going viral.

We can quickly and effectively reach the target audience for the series and the digital component through Vrak’s Facebook and YouTube accounts.

Finally, many exclusive videos from the site, as well as psycho tests, are also posted on the Vrak website. It’s a strategy that greatly increases visibility opportunities and makes content viable on other platforms long after the TV broadcasts are over.

The longevity of the digital component and content is guaranteed far beyond the dramatic arc of the series through this flexible-platform approach.

The digital component is structured to evolve with the seasons. Content from each new season can easily be added to the site to improve the offering all around.

The nature of the exclusive content also gives it an attractive timelessness. Behind-the-scenes video clips, episodes from the webseries, psycho tests, and content posted on the official Instagram account can be consumed at any time, regardless of the season currently on air.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Aetios Productions Inc

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