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A brave princess and her suitor guide a funeral chariot through the royal catacombs. They must keep hordes of looters at bay as they gather treasures to bury the deceased king in a tomb full of gold. If only the king would stay still…

The chariot has large wheels and long ropes that help the heroes get to seemingly unreachable places. They travel across bottomless pits and execute many difficult manoeuvres while extracting treasures from the cavern walls. It’s a reflex-challenging delight for local cooperative game fans.

Key elements:

  • Exciting cooperative tasks focused on discovery and loot
  • Amazing 2D graphics and unique characters
  • Game highlights local multiplayer mode to liven things up in the living room
  • Physics-based challenges require carefully managed movement
  • 25 levels in 5 distinct worlds
  • Extremely intuitive commands
  • Non-linear progression to encourage repeat plays
  • Multi-platforms release


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