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Celtic Soul Website


Region: N/A

Year of Production: 2016

Using creative and graphic elements from the Celtic Soul film, our interactive digital platform will be built using a clean, responsive interface. The site provides information about the film and gives users a number of engaging interactive content options.

As the primary content feature for our website we created an immersive and interactive roadmap of Jay and Eoin’s Road Trip route. Starting in a small sports bar in Montreal full of Celtic fans, we will include all of the spots the boys visit to tell this story, eventually ending up on the hallowed turf of Celtic Park. Users will be able to unlock unseen footage of the boys on the road, captured specifically for our digital component, with some hilarious moments as they try to educate each other on their respective favorite sport.

Next, we created a visually engaging, interactive timeline, plotting how the key themes of the film - immigration, soccer, and hockey - converge through a burgeoning Celtic community. Each key milestone in Celtic FC’s extensive history expands on the themes of immigration and community brought up in the film.

To help drive excitement for the film we set up dedicated social media accounts for the Celtic Soul project on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To encourage user feedback, we included a Celtic Soul Community page where users can share their personal stories about Celtic FC and the Celtic community. Once the site is live we will pull social feeds into the main site to encourage dynamic engagement with our core audience. 

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Markham Street Films Inc.

AVAILABLE ON: Web/Site web

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