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Region: Quebec

To provide a full overview of CANVAS’ capabilities, we created a life-size demo showcasing 3 different projects and 2 videos. From a very simple interface on an iPad, the user can control what appears on the screen. The user can activate a video, then switch to an interactive real estate project or decide to fire up a game from the Steam platform and play the game.

When navigating in the interactive real estate environment, the user can choose to go anywhere at any time, and even interact with content inside the project. For example, the user can decide to change the colors of walls, raise or lower ceilings and change company logos in the building. The user can also activate screens inside the virtual boardrooms and present his/her own keynote presentation inside the project. If the user visits an apartment, he or she can switch on a TV and watch the news or a movie. To make the environment really come to life, people are inserted in video format. To take things even further, these video images can also be real people who are either somewhere in our room or in a remote location. When the user activates the live feature, a real person will appear and the user can interact with him or her. The person on the other side is in a green screen and can see the visitor on a monitor in front of him. This all happens in real time and no post production compositing is required.  

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Immersive Design Studios Inc.

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