Body Language II L'Expert


Region: Quebec

Year of Production: 2016

Body Language is the first Quebec documentary series to look into analyzing the behaviour of suspects during police interrogations. Using reenactments, analyses, and visual archives, the series reveals how human behaviour experts can now decipher suspect micro-expressions or micro-gestures in their search for the truth.

The police interrogations presented in Vérité ou Mensonge (truth or lie) and Vous êtes l’enquêteur (you’re the investigator) games were inspired by real events. The interrogations were recreated from authentic video recordings in order to highlight non-verbal behaviours of suspects and investigators.

In the case of Vérité ou Mensonge (truth or lie), the name of the suspect and certain personal information have been changed to preserve anonymity and to respect court orders. For Vous êtes l’enquêteur (you’re the investigator), the stories have largely been reinterpreted and are based on evidence that has been tried and made public.

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Les Productions Lustitia inc.

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