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Agent Secret


Tom is a secret agent of the extreme type: hyper-trained, hyper-mysterious, hyper-sensitive. He has one and only one goal in life…to destroy evil. He works for the Agency and his boss regularly assigns him to missions that are mostly quite dangerous, and more often than not improbable. Missions to thwart the criminal doings of the worst of the worst bad guys with the direst of the dire motives. On these missions, however, Tom finds himself paired up with partners who are stranger than strange and odder than odd. Every mission culminates in an awesome climax when Tom and his partners face off with the representatives of evil. In these encounters, Tom’s partners invariably end up dying in some startling and totally absurd way. But Tom shrinks at nothing, never gives up and is always prepared to confront all hazards. Every time, after multiple and manifold bouts of collateral damage, Tom triumphs (for better or worse) on his missions, and comes back ready for more. Because, after all, he’s Tom, the SECRET AGENT


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