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The “30 Vies” Web platform is now optimized for mobile thanks to the introduction of responsive design, and the design has been revamped to make the public’s experience even more enjoyable. Each week, through a series of feature boxes, the homepage displays the main content of the offer: expert clip, most recent bonus content offered to the public, and the next episode to be broadcast.

Expert clips
This season, the production of clips continues, and a new clip is produced for every plot broadcast, for a total of 20 exclusive clips lasting 3 to 4 minutes each and featuring experts from various professional areas. The expert clips take a closer look at the key issues surrounding a plot line. They are once again available in the Centre d’aide (help centre) section, and the clips produced in the previous season remain archived for future consultation.

The help centre
The Centre d’aide includes past expert clips as well as the new ones produced in season 6. The section also includes fact sheets for the various resources (agencies, associations, intervention centres, etc.) that could be of service to viewers dealing with various issues. Since they are still relevant, the resources added during previous seasons remain archived in the section. As required, new resource fact sheets are added to the section over the course of the season.

Bonus content
Introduced in season 5, bonus content consists of unseen footage produced during the season and broadcast on social media. It is mainly content produced for special circumstances, for instance a current event, an upcoming holiday or a launch. Whether it be photos or videos, this content has proven to be very popular among fans of the show, many of whom have “liked” or shared it among their network of friends. A minimum of 30 pieces of bonus content in various forms (photos and/or unseen videos) are doled out throughout the season. The bonus content can be shared on social media.

Weekly survey question
Each week, a new survey question is posted on the site’s homepage. These questions related to the characters, the themes explored during the show and/or its dramatic outline are subjective (all answers are right) and two or three choices of answers are provided for each question. Surfers vote directly on the homepage, confirm their answer and can then view the survey results.


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