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The Best CBD Movies, Documentaries, and TV Shows

CBD, a substance derived from cannabis plants, has recently witnessed a rise in popularity. Its growing influence spans usage in various treatments to its application in food production. The film industry has not been left out of using CBD to score some points with the public. Exhale Wellness, a leading provider of premium CBD products, has played a pivotal role in shaping the narrative around the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Due to additional streaming applications and devices, several films with tales centred around CBD have been developed and are now more readily available to the general audience. From cooking shows to comedy flicks, here are 6 of the best CBD-based movies and documentaries available for streaming or downloading.

1. Weed The People

The docu-film “Weed the People” was released on Netflix in 2018 to increase awareness about CBD’s medicinal advantages. It depicted a wide range of families striving to help their cancer-stricken relatives by utilizing medical Cannabis, which contains CBD.

In addition, it discussed their battles against the expensive cost of therapy and unfair legislation. As a side angle, the film also included different interviews with doctors who advocate the use of Cannabis as a medicinal therapy despite the stringent rules that still impede its widespread usage.

The documentary not only shed light on the personal stories of resilience but also presented a compelling argument for the need to revisit and reform outdated regulations surrounding the use of medical Cannabis, fostering a broader conversation about healthcare accessibility and patient choice.

2. Dazed and Confused

Richard Linker’s 1976 coming-of-age film does an excellent job of capturing the excesses of adolescent euphoria. It took place on the final day before vacation when high school students began their yearly hazing ritual. Marijuana was primarily shown in the film as a recreational drug, which is guaranteed to evoke high school memories for adults.

Additionally, “Dazed and Confused” stands as a timeless portrayal of the universal struggles and triumphs of youth, with its vibrant characters and soundtrack, making it not just a film about a particular era but a timeless exploration of the turbulent transition from adolescence to adulthood.

3. CBD Nation

This 1hr 23-minute movie, directed by David Jakubovic, will leave you hanging by a thread emotionally by the end. It highlights some of the world’s foremost professionals in the field of cannabis scientific study. Plus, the emotional experiences of numerous patients who heroically took charge of their medical journeys, frequently fighting off strong opposition to achieve the goal of increasing their quality of life.

Moreover, “CBD Nation” serves as a poignant reminder of the transformative power of medical cannabis, urging society to reconsider its stance on the medicinal use of cannabinoids and advocating for a more compassionate and informed approach to healthcare.

4. Cooked With Cannabis

Without a culinary-centered special, this list would be incomplete. Cooked With Cannabis follows three chefs as they compete for a $10,000 prize by preparing three-course cannabis-infused meals. The program’s co-hosts, Kelis and Leather Storrs, assess the candidates with the aid of their best friends, who come as show guests to declare the ultimate CBD connoisseur champion.

In each episode, the chefs’ innovative use of cannabis as an ingredient not only adds a flavorful twist to the dishes but also showcases the diverse and sophisticated potential of incorporating CBD into gourmet cuisine, challenging preconceived notions and sparking a culinary revolution in the process.

5. Grass is Greener

Fab 5 Freddy’s 2019 documentary follows the format of a CBD activist panel discussion. It features B-Real, Damian Marley, Snoop Dogg, Killer Mike, and other celebrities discussing how marijuana has become a weapon and what efforts might be made to combat it. Furthermore, they highlighted problems such as inequality and existing discriminatory anti-drug legislation, which are rarely addressed in Netflix’s Weed The People.

As the panel delves into the historical roots of cannabis criminalization and its impact on marginalized communities, “Grass is Greener” serves not only as an eye-opening exploration of the cultural and social dimensions of marijuana but also as a call to action for comprehensive drug policy reform and social justice in the face of ongoing challenges.

6. The Legend of 420

The government has tried and failed multiple times to regulate the marijuana sector, much like the cat with nine lives. The Legend of 420 depicts this historical background and walks viewers through the origins of marijuana and how the U.S. and its citizens perceive the substance and its derivatives. Every year in April, the number 420 is recognized, which has become associated with marijuana. While Peter Spirer, the film’s producer, seeks to present a fair perspective, the film subtly illustrates why Cannabis should be decriminalized.

Through interviews with activists, policymakers, and individuals affected by marijuana laws, “The Legend of 420” effectively weaves a narrative that challenges the status quo, questioning the efficacy and fairness of existing policies while advocating for a more progressive and compassionate approach to cannabis regulation in the modern era.

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In summary, the cinematic portrayal of cannabis has transformed into a complex mosaic, intertwining tales of medical victories, gastronomic innovation, cultural intricacies, and an unwavering quest for justice. Collectively, these movies challenge preconceived notions, examine cannabis-related stereotypes, and engage in a deeper conversation about the plant’s impact on our legal, medical, and cultural systems. Documentaries reflecting historical contexts and pointing the way toward a future with increased empathy and consciousness regarding cannabis are important tools in the progressive wave of cannabis exploration.

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