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Fashion Rules to Help You Dress on Film Sets

In the early days of Hollywood, where cranked cameras and talkies were used, men wore suits and hoodies to show their physique. However, this is not the case today.

Dress on Film Sets

Now, dressing on film sets is all about using common sense and considering comfort. This is not limited to wearing hoodies. Continue reading to know more rules on dressing on film sets.

Be Practical

There is a lot of dirty and challenging work on film sets. It is important that you keep this in mind. Therefore, your clothes should be comfortable and sturdy so that you can move in various positions more easily.

You would not want to have failed shots just because of your choice of clothing. Put simply, being practical is more important than style in film sets since you are not in a fashion event.

Choose Dark-Colored Clothes

It is not recommended to wear white on a film set because it can reflect light while shooting. A shot can fail if a small amount of light hits any of the actors. You can avoid this issue by opting for dark colors.

Wear Hats

Bringing a hat with you on set is recommended. That is because you might have to shoot under the bright sun for long hours. A hat is your friend since it shades your eyes and keeps your head cool. It will also help to bring sunglasses with you if you have an outdoor shooting.

Find Out Where You Will Shoot

Before a shoot, a call sheet with the information about the shooting location, weather, and different scenes is given. It is best to go through this to decide better what you will be wearing. The locations likely call for different clothing items. You would not want to end up feeling too cold or hot for many hours because of your clothes.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is one of the most important rules when dressing successfully on a set. You need to wear comfy shoes with ties. Therefore, Crocs, slippers, or sandals are a no-no if you have a shoot. Aside from keeping your feet comfortable, they also protect them from different objects.

The shoes you pick should also allow you to move briskly. It is recommended to invest in durable shoes that you will solely use for film sets.

Balance Style and Functionality

It is understandable to feel tempted to dress up a bit in film sets. However, you have to find the balance between style and functionality. Your tasks should not be more difficult because your clothes make you feel restricted. Remember that dressing for style only will not make your colleagues more sympathetic if it slows you down.


Finally, you know some of the rules to help you dress on film sets. Whatever pieces of clothing you choose, you have to make sure that they are practical and comfortable. One of the best perks of following these tips is that you can still go out and have a drink after the shooting is finished.

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