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6 Canadian Movies Every Student in College Must Watch

This article is a compilation of Canadian movies whose plots or storylines are centred on the three discussed points below. If you want to convince your teacher to screen more movies on an interactive whiteboard in class or go together on a class field trip to the Canadian film festival read the three points below. Otherwise, scroll down and watch the trailers of the 6 Canadian movies that every student must watch.

Reasons Why College Students Should Watch More Movies

1. Students need to have an experienced mentor. Entering a new psychological zone or phase can trigger many unanswered questions and awkward situations that might stem from not knowing. A well-versed mentor can help the student make the right decisions. Without a good mentor, you can experience disappointment, and your passion for the subject will dwindle.

2. Next good interpersonal communication skills can come in handy. A network of valuable contacts can provide good support when things are not so smooth with you. For this reason, virtually every movie suitable for students is themed on love and friendship. So reach out to your kind of people and foster a rapport entrenched in trust and respect.

3. The last thing students should note, and the moral lesson of every movie for students is to improve themselves. You can do this by setting goals, achieving them, and celebrating every little victory. Search for new sources of information, and don’t be shy of taking the initiative by being proactive.

Movies You Should Watch as a College Student

1. Status Update (2018) – Canada, U.S.A., and China

Can you picture a scenario in which your every wish is fulfilled with a click on your device? The story’s protagonist made a remarkable application that allows all his updates on social media to become a reality. However, things weren’t as they initially appeared to be.

2. Public School (2018) -Canada and U.S.A.

This movie is one of the best Canadian movies of the 2000s. The plot is an eccentric story of a young guy who has been undergoing homeschooling with his mom teaching all the subjects. He’s almost heading off to Cambridge, but he and a certain girl crossed paths. Consequently, after that peculiar encounter, he didn’t pass the college’s opening test. Initially, his mom is perplexed, but eventually, she realizes that this outcome was due to the absence of conventional teenage life. This movie is focused on the theme of love and heartfelt choices.

3. Hatley High (2003) – Canada.

This movie is not your typical high school movie. The protagonist, Tommy Linklater, is an illusionist and a magician. The theme of this movie is friendship. This movie will interest every sports contest enthusiast, particularly one that involves the chest.

4. Slackers (2002) – Canada.

This movie is a story of 3 friends who completed their University program. They earned good grades thanks to their tricks, lies, and an incredible streak of luck. However, Iton, their classmate, sees through them. He uncovers their deceptions and challenges them. He gave them a condition to win over the heart of his love interest. Along the line of this quest, things get complicated when one of them begins to nurse some feelings of sympathy for the girl.

5. Tart (2001) – Canada

This is a story about a loner who is a student at a prominent college in New York. She’s head over heels with the most popular boy in school, who feels the same way. This sweeps her into the spotlight. Then the real story begins.

6. Pump Up the Volume/Plein Volume (1990) – the U.S.A. and Canada

This is the story of a young person who seems alienated by everything. This triggers him to launch a secret radio station to help youths like him with identical issues. They entertain to prohibited music and discuss different sensitive questions. This movie is a sneak peek into students’ lives and real problems.

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